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Annie James Rollins

Annie James Rollins writes picture books and middle grade novels for and about disabled and queer kids like her. Annie is an author and scholar of children's literature and (sometimes) an elementary school librarian.

Annie James has a BA East Asian Studies with minors in Communications and Gender Studies from Simmons College University and is a master's candidate in the MFAC Writing for Children & Young Adults program at Hamline University.

Annie James was raised in Vermont by flatlander parents, lived in Tokyo for almost a decade, and currently resides in the D.C. suburbs just south of the Mason-Dixon line. She's learning to say "y'all" instead of "you guys."

Annie James writes speculative poetry and short stories for grown-ups as Meep Matsushima.

photo of Annie James as a 9- or 10-year old. she is a white girl with long-ish brown hair. she is not looking at the camera; instead, she is reading a book. she is lying on her stomach on the floor and wearing a wizard robe, purple leggings, and a Halloween wizard hat with gold stars and moons.
photo © Leah H., 1999